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Giovanna Colombetti | Department of Sociology, Philosophy, and Anthropology | University of Exeter | UK

Tuesday | April 21st | 10:50 | Department of Aesthetics, Charles University in Prague | Celetná Street, No. 20, on the 4th floor, room No. 426

In this talk I present some work in progress on the idea that our affective processes (i.e. not only emotions but also moods and motivational states) are deeply ‘materially scaffolded’. I will illustrate and analyze some of the many ways in which we manipulate the material world to regulate our affective condition, paying particular attention to different senses in which material items can become ‘incorporated’ into our affective processes. In doing so I will consider many different kinds of material items—from everyday objects to art objects—pointing out that the notion of ‘materially scaffolded affectivity’ supports a view of the aesthetic that is not limited to art objects.

Prof. Giovanna Colombetti, Ph.D., a philosopher of cognitive science, her main research interests and work concern primarily affective phenomena. In her work she draws liberally on phenomenology, analytic philosophy, as well as theoretical and experimental work in psychology and neuroscience. More recently she has become increasingly interested in the contribution that the social sciences (such as cultural sociology and anthropology) can make to our understanding of affectivity. In 2010-2014 she was the Principal Investigator of a Starting Grant funded by the European Research Council (ERC), titled "Emoting the Embodied Mind" (EMOTER). This project focused primarily on so-called "embodied" and "enactive" approaches in the philosophy of cognitive science. These approaches have emphasized that to explain and understand mental phenomena we need to look at the whole organism; studying the brain only is not sufficient. Her project EMOTER expanded upon this view, elaborating its implications for our understanding of various affective phenomena (such as emotions, moods, feelings), and of the relation between cognition and affectivity. Team members on this project were Kim Wright, Peter Cannon, and Tom Roberts. Her book The Feeling Body: Affective Science Meets the Enactive Mind (2014, MIT Press) presents and discusses most of the ideas developed during this project.


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