Call for Papers:
Race and Aesthetics: A Special Issue of The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (publication date: November 2019)

Guest Editors: A.W. Eaton and C.F. Peterson

Deadline for Submissions: January 1, 2019

This issue addresses questions and issues in aesthetics through a broad lens that embraces a variety of racialized voices and a wide range of approaches and methodologies. Submissions on any philosophical treatment of race and aesthetics are welcome, but papers addressing the aesthetic and artistic traditions and perspectives of the following communities and traditions are especially encouraged:

● Latino/a-Latinx
● East, South, Southeast and Central Asian
● Pacific Islander
● Indigenous peoples

Examples of questions that might be addressed include:

● What role does aesthetics play in articulating racial ideologies and projects?
● What relationship do art and aesthetic theory have with social and political engagement?
● How does aesthetic presentation articulate racial identity?
● How do innovations in technology affect traditional artistic representations of race?
● How can intersectional identities inform artistic and aesthetic presentation?

Submissions should not exceed 7,500 words and must comply with the general guidelines for submissions. (See “Submissions” on the JAAC page on the American Society for Aesthetics website: aesthetics-online.org)

Upload submissions to the JAAC online submission website, https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jaac, making sure they are identified as submissions for the special issue: at the prompt for manuscript type, select “special issue” rather than “original article.”

If you have questions, please contact:

A.W. Eaton eaton@uic.edu
C. F. Peterson cpeterso@oberlin.edu

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