Creativity in Art, Science, and Mind

University of Cambridge, 26-27 July 2018

Creativity matters for both the sciences and the arts. First, notions of creativity play crucial roles in artistic practice, aesthetic appreciation, and scientific success. Second, success in science and the arts is often attributed to creative genius, an idea which deserves examination and critique. Third, understanding and reflecting on the nature of creativity has been a focus for researchers of both activities. These factors have led to several fruitful—and until now, largely separate—discussions of the nature and importance of creativity. This conference brings together researchers with an interest in creativity, drawing on aesthetics and philosophy of science, mind, technology, and art. The goal of this conference, held at the University of Cambridge and generously supported by the British Society of Aesthetics, British Society for Philosophy of Science, and the Centre for the Future of Intelligence, is to make progress on understanding the relationship between intelligence and creativity, the role creativity plays in science and art, and the nature of creativity itself.

Graduate students are invited to submit abstracts to this conference. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* the concept of creativity 

* creativity in the arts and/or aesthetic expression

* the aesthetic experience of creativity

* creativity in language 

* creativity in scientific methodology and investigation

* creativity and ‘genius’ 

* collaborative creativity   

* rationality, emotionality, imagination, and creativity

* creativity in non-human animals 

* the psychology of creativity

* the evolution of creativity

* creativity in the archaeological and ethnographic records 

* creativity and non-agential processes (e.g. Darwinian selection)   

* creativity and A.I.

* the future of creativity 

Up to two graduate students will be awarded bursaries of up to £250 for travel and accommodation. 

Please send a title, abstract (250-500 words) and your CV to both conference organisers, Adrian Currie ( and Anton Killin (, by June 15.

This conference adopts the BPA/SWIP conference guidelines. Contributions from women and other under-represented groups in philosophy are encouraged.

Confirmed speakers include:

* Adrian Currie (Cambridge)

* Stacie Friend (Birkbeck, University of London)

* Berys Gaut (University of St Andrews)

* Marta Halina (Cambridge)

* Matthew Kieran (Leeds)

* Anton Killin (Australian National University)

* Alice Murphy (Leeds)

* Henry Shevlin (Cambridge)

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