Art and Ethics Workshop #1

Call for Abstracts


Friday, 18th January, 2019. University of Southampton.


As part of the European Commission-funded research project Art and Ethics, the University of Southampton’s department of philosophy is hosting a one-day workshop.

We are pleased to invite abstracts sufficiently in the spirit of the project theme of no more than 1,000 words. Abstracts should:

  • Outline the paper’s principal argument(s)
  • Give a good sense of the paper’s philosophical contribution(s).
  • Be anonymized.

Please submit your abstract to with the subject heading Art & Ethics 01. The deadline is the 2nd September, 2018. Potential applicants with doubts about the suitability of their paper may contact us at

The workshop is designed to maximize the benefit to authors looking to improve their work. Papers will therefore be circulated two weeks in advance and participants will be asked to pre-read them. Discussions will last around 90 minutes per paper. Authors will be invited to introduce their papers to initiate discussion; there is considerable flexibility about how basic or extravagant such introductions can be. We’re easy.

We will cover the cost of travel for authors without access to relevant research funds, and cover the cost of up to two nights’ accommodation where the cost of this would be otherwise prohibitive. Finally, we will also aim to provide and pay for authors’ childcare, should it be required, through the University of Southampton’s Early Years Centre. Applicants without access to research funding, for whom the cost of accommodation would be prohibitive, or who require childcare should inform us of this once their papers have been accepted. Authors who, for whatever reason, are unable to participate in person, will be invited to participate remotely via video-conferencing software.

We strongly encourage participants from groups whose voices are disproportionately excluded from philosophical discourse to submit abstracts.

The conference is being organized in accordance with the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme.

Dr. Nils-Hennes Stear
Marie Curie Fellow, University of Southampton | |

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