Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics

announces the contents of its new issue (2/2018), the first published under its new Editor-in-Chief, Hanne Appelqvist:


Peter Alward
Interpretation, Intentions, and Responsibility

Kathrine Cuccuru
Aesthetic Attention: A Proposal to Pay It More Attention

Benjamin Evans
From Bullfights to Bollywood: The Contemporary Relevance of Jean-Baptiste Du Bos’s Approach to the Arts

Rossen Ventzislavov
The Spectacle of Failure: Reading Beckett’s Endgame Philosophically

Archive Documents and Articles

Tomáš Hlobil
Struggling for the Emperor’s Blessing: Franz Ficker’s Aesthetics Textbooks

Franz Ficker
Aesthetics; or, A Theory of the Beautiful and of Art in Its Full Scope


Dan Eugen Ratiu
Thomas Hilgers, Aesthetic Disinterestedness: Art, Experience, and the Self

Estetika is open to submissions all year round. We aim at keeping the evaluation period under four months. Estetika is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to philosophical aesthetics. The journal’s main ambition is to publish the best research from the many diverse and rich European traditions in aesthetics. It welcomes contributions in English on all topics related to aesthetics and the philosophy of art. Reviews of books – significant non-English publications included – are also welcome!

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