Coordinates of Aesthetics, Art and Culture 6: Art, Aesthetics, and the Philosophy of Everyday Life

12 – 13th November 2020, Prešov, Slovakia

The Society for Aesthetics in Slovakia is pleased to announce its sixth conference Coordinates of Aesthetics, Art and Culture. Submissions are invited in all areas related to the aesthetics and philosophy of everyday life. Throughout the 20th century, aesthetics underwent a series of transformations resulting in an extension of its scope far beyond the field of art (Mukařovský 1936). Phenomena that seemed marginal from an art-centered viewpoint started to draw the attention of scholars and aestheticians. The relationship between art aesthetics and aesthetics beyond art, center aesthetics and peripheral aesthetics, high-art aesthetics and low-art aesthetics gained growing relevance, arousing fruitful interdisciplinary discussion. Investigations into the different dimensions of the rapport between philosophy and everyday life (ed. Andreánsky, 2004) also led to the development of a so-called “aesthetics of existence” (Suvák, 2007; Sisáková, 2016, 2017).

Today, despite some residual skepticism, everyday aesthetics is gaining momentum in contemporary scientific discourse, both in philosophical and applied aesthetics. Much, however, remains to be done to further rationalize and systematize the field. Theoretical work is required to clarify the notions that are involved in discussions about everyday aesthetics, aesthetics of nature and aesthetics of the environment.

The aim of this scientific event is to shed light on topics related to current investigations in everyday aesthetics and the aesthetics of life. One specific goal will be to open the field for more intensive research in Slovakia as well as in Central Europe as a whole.

Abstracts are invited in all areas of everyday and environmental aesthetics. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Theoretical problems in everyday aesthetics and environmental aesthetics

– Aesthetics of everydayness in the past and present

– Current challenges for aesthetics beyond art

– Anesthetics, disinterest, engagement, aesthetic distance

– The aesthetics of the body and somaesthetics

– Aesthetic reflections on environment, nature and the city

– Environmental aesthetics at the time of climate change

Art and everyday Aesthetics

– Art and the aesthetics of everyday life

– Public art

– Mediatic images of everyday life

– Ontology and definition of art in response to everyday aesthetics

Philosophy of everyday life

– Philosophical accounts of everyday phenomena

– Pragmatist and post-pragmatist approaches in the aesthetics of everyday life

– Philosophical, social and sociological accounts of public space and the city

Abstracts may not exceed 350 words and must be prepared for anonymous review. Accepted languages are Slovak, Czech and English. Submissions should be sent by email attachment in Word/Pdf format to: with the author’s name, affiliation (if applicable), and contact details in the body of the email. Please also indicate whether you are willing to serve as a chair for a conference session.

Conference Information

The conference will take place at the Faculty of Arts of Prešov University in Prešov on 12 – 13th November 2020

Important Dates

Abstract submissions: 30th June, 2020. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Notification of acceptance: 15th July 2020.

Please send all your questions to the conference organisers: or visit the website of the conference at

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