Adam Andrzejewski (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Atmospheres, Urban Sites, and Metaphysics

22. 9. 2021, Dům U Minuty (Skautský institut)

Atmosphere is one of key ideas in contemporary aesthetics. Contrary to the widespread view, I argue that an atmosphere is not a “quasi-thing”, or “half-thing”, but rather a relational feature of a given site that exists only when it is experienced by someone. At the same time, my discussion of the metaphysics of atmospheres will provide better understanding of the idea of urban atmosphere as characteristic of a particular site as well as a whole city.

Adam Andrzejewski is a philosopher affiliated the University of Warsaw. His research is focused on analytic aesthetics and philosophy of art, everyday aesthetics, and theory of popular culture.

Šárka Zahálková (GAMPA, Pardubice)

Malleable Memory

22. 9. 2021, Dům U Minuty (Skautský institut)

Malleable Memory is a title of the Art for Public Space of Pardubice event, which took place in Fall 2020 and consisted of the series of temporary installations in public spaces, complemented by live art events, walks, and happenings.

Šárka Zahálková is GAMPA programme director and a curator of Malleable Memory festival. She co-founded and leads the Offcity association, which takes part in international discourse on art in public spaces.

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