CFP: Failures in Aesthetic Judgment – A Special Issue of Estetika: The European Journal of

Guest Editor: María José Alcaraz León (University of Murcia)

Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics invites submissions for a special issue on failures in
the exercise of aesthetic judgment. The submissions should not exceed 8,500 words, must be
written in English, and prepared for anonymous peer review. For more specific guidelines, please
visit the journal’s website

Confirmed contributors to the special issue are Eileen John (University of Warwick) and Elisabeth
Schellekens (Uppsala Universitet).

Recent debates on the validity of Aesthetic Testimony and the centrality of the so-called
Acquaintance Principle suggest that there is more to the proper exercise of aesthetic judgment than
mere endorsement of allegedly correct aesthetic judgments. For example, although it is reasonable
to follow experts’ judgments in certain matters of fact, it seems less acceptable to simply endorse or
adopt experts’ judgments in the aesthetic domain. That reliance on testimony, by contrast to some
other areas of judgment, is not sufficient for aesthetic judgment has encouraged scholars to focus in
turn on the importance of the personal involvement and autonomy of the aesthetic agent.
This special issue will focus on phenomena related to failed exercises of aesthetic judgment. The
choice of the theme is motivated by the belief that a careful analysis of failures in aesthetic
judgment can reveal significant aspects of the nature of aesthetic experience itself as well as the
roles that perception, imagination, and learning have in its proper exercise.

Estetika welcomes submissions related to topics such as aesthetic snobbery, aesthetic akrasia, bad
taste, inconsistency in the exercise of taste, development of taste, and aesthetic alienation.
Submissions connecting these themes to the notion of aesthetic normativity are especially

Article manuscripts should be submitted by the 15th of January 2023 at the latest via https://

The planned publication schedule is as follows:
‒ EXTENDED submission deadline: 15 January 2023
‒ Decision and comments sent out: 15 April 2023
‒ Final drafts due by: 15 May 2023
‒ Publication date: 15 September 2023

If you have any questions, please contact the editors at:

Estetika is a leading journal for philosophical aesthetics in Europe. For more information on the
journal, please visit the journal’s homepage:

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